Cytech Comfort Plug-In

The Comfort system is an ‘Intruder Alarm for the 21st Century’ my by Cytech Technology. Comfort integrates Intruder Alarm, Home Automation, Voicemail and Intercom into an easy-to-use, convenient and affordable system.

This Homeseer plug-in enables Comfort users to use homeseer events and actions based on Comfort security events, zones and responses. Currently the plug-in supports:

  • Start Homeseer events based on Comfort alarm state changes
  • Start Homeseer events based on Comfort Zone changes
  • Execute Comfort responses through Homeseer actions
  • Arm / Disarm Comfort system from Homeseer
  • Bypass Comfort security zones from Homeseer 

Plug-In configuration

After installing and starting the plugin we need to first configure the plug-in so it can connect to the Comfort system. When opening the configuration page the following screen appears:

You can configure the required connection to Comfort. It supports:

  • Network*
  • USB
  • Serial

*) if using network connection, please make sure to disable timeout settings on Comfort ETH0x interfaces

Click on Save to save the connection settings.

For finding the Comfort Zones and Responses the plug-in needs the Comfigurator configfile (extension cclx). Click on the upload button and select the cclx file of the current running configuration of your comfort system. It will be automatically uploaded to the Homeseer server.

After that insert a pincode from a comfort user; this pin is used to connect to Comfort. I will be stored encrypted in the Homeseer configfile. Again click on Save to store the PinCode.

Click on ‘Connect’.  the plugin should connect to Comfort and display the firmware version. Sometimes, based on the connection-type used, the plug-in needs to be restarted for the connection to work. If the Error message ‘Connection to Comfort panel lost. Try connecting manually..’ is shown in the Homeseer Eventlog please stop and start the plugin.

After connecting to the panel the standard panel devices are created automatically:

Going back to the configuration page of the plugin you see 2 extra Tabs displayed: Zones and Responses. On both pages, select the zones and responses you want to use within Homeseer, and click on the Save button on the top of each tab-page; this will generate each selected zone / response and create a virtual device for it:

Here you can see status changes of zones, bypass them and execute responses by clicking on the buttons.

Lastly you can use some actions from within Homeseer events: